17 06 2009

Assalamualaikum W.B.T.

All praises for Allah S.W.T. the creator of beautiful universe and who determines the path and life of humans, animals and unique creations all over the world without any vivid deformity. Praises for our esteemed prophet, Muhammad S.A.W. and sahabah for their endless and tiredless efforts in conveying the truthfulness of Islam to all parts of the world.

I would like to welcome you to USIM Medical Student Club (MSC) official blog. I notice that this blog would not be so famous or marvelous as others’ established and well-known blog, website etc. Nevertheless, I have quite a profound hope that this blog will be a medium where we MSC can give and provide you with any needed information regarding students’ welfare and life in the Faculty of Medicine, USIM.

The committee members who also friends of yours would be very pleasure and in need actually for your advice, guidance and cooperation in any matters related. Any question or suggestion is most welcomed and do not hesitate to ask to any members of MSC. We would be very pleasure to help you.

In conclusion, again I do hope we MSC can serve you USIM medical students in well manner, quality and friendly as according to our vision and mission. Together we build USIM and the medical profession towards ultimate success, insyaAllah.

Wallahua’lam, Wassalam.